What should your stats be?

what should funnel stats be

Are you doing your marketing....right?

We all want to know our efforts are being seen & rewarded, but which stats are good, which stats are bad?

Which ones mean you should take your ball & go home? 

It's time to make your marketing earn its keep and give you solid ROI on all that time & effort.

Biggest takeaways from this episode:

  • How looking at your stats through a 'lens of opportunity' can lead to more conversions and less stress.
  • The exact metrics that you should be paying attention to (and which ones to ignore)
  • Why stats matter and how they influence every aspect of your  business
  • How having a small list is a good thing!
  • The formula for working our your stats (and how you have complete control over them)
  • The exact numbers you're aiming for, and the quick tweaks that will instantly lift them
  • The only loss points you should ever accept (and then, fight like hell)

Resources mentioned:

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