What NOT to write in your funnel

What NOT to write in your funnel 

Some stories are just TMI...

We often talk about how tricky it is to come up with good stories to include in your marketing - actually, forget tricky - sometimes it's bloody impossible!

That blank page panic seeps through as you type rubbish sentence after rubbish, hit delete and try again and again before ultimately deciding you didn't need to connect with your prospects today anyway.

Yep, that sh!t sucks.

Are your stories blocking the sale?

It's not like we can skip the stories completely, as Seth Godin (shiny headed hero of marketing) says, they're how we change the worldview of our prospects so that the yes flows naturally; "We sell feelings, status and connection"

But an idea kept me up until 2am last night and wouldn't let me go:

What if instead of banging our heads trying to find the perfect right story, we simply made sure it wasn't the wrong story?

That alone makes a HUGE difference. Here, I'll prove it.

I have been celibate for over a decade now.

And I (literally) give zero ducks about how weird that is. It's a core part of my identity and way of life.

Now if you read that statement, you're probably thinking something like OMG how do you live? Cobwebs much? Wait, is this a religious thing? (nope). No seriously, are you attracted to freaky stuff like the Eiffel Tower?

What you're probably not thinking is how good I am at getting you booked out and your workshops, courses & programs selling like hotcakes.

If this story was in my funnel, prospects would hit it and take a hard detour to wtf-land, away from conversion.

It's the wrong story.

There are no perfect stories for your funnel, only STRATEGIC ones.

Imagine this story leading the way instead:

Because of my funnel, 100% of my discovery calls become happily paying clients.

Is that the best story to tell? Maybe, maybe not. But it definitely keeps prospects on track towards conversion and doesn't start a whole new tangent of:

"Oh look, another email from the funnel nun!"

Don't worry, you can still play in your newsletters and let your audience connect with your divorce, new partner, birthday etc.

Because by the time your prospect starts getting your newsletters, they're invested. They feel like they know you and getting an update on what's happening in your life and business is a totally normal thing.

But in your automated funnel? When you're still establishing who you are, what you do and how you can help them? When you're offering amazing transformations and asking for the sale?

Funnel stories MUST be strategic.

Not perfect, not the 'right' ones...just not the wrong ones!

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