Want everything up and earning already... using your message, your voice and your values...

and want it NOW?

FACT: Not every business owner is jonesing for a lesson in copywriting.

ALSO FACT: Whacking up just any old words, throwing them willy nilly all over your website and marketing will lead to certain doom (eek!)

But the right words - well, those babies are magical.

It's why copywriting has been called a $1000/hr job - because when your visitor lands on your site, gets your email or clicks through to your sales page, the right words will make them whip out their credit card there and then...

Or pick up the phone & call you...

Or even book a spot in your diary.

That's what a copywriter does: My job is to find out what you want your audience to do, then craft copy so compelling and delightful that they do it - 


(Don't worry, I don't charge $1000/hr. Yet.)

I teach funnels, but I write everything...
(and have a blast doing it!)

Whether you've got a little project or a behemoth weighing you down, I've been getting eye-popping results in all kinds of niches - including interior design, coaching, information technology, course launches, and medical services.

(Ha, you thought I was a one-trick pony!)

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The not-so-mysterious process

Clearly, this isn't the type of service you can get in drive-thru. I don't even own a headset. Plus, half the time when I tell people I'm a copywriter, they think I go around stamping things with a  © , so let's strip bare what it is I'll actually do for you, and in what order.

Introduction: You click the big fat button below to book a free chat with me. This is where we suss out whether we like each other and want to work together.

Proposal: We hit it off so much that I send you a proposal outlining what I understand you need, an overview of what I'll deliver, in what time-frames, and how much it will cost.

Docs: You accept the proposal with one-click, which triggers a contract and invoice for 50% deposit (100% for projects under $500). The contract simply states what was in the proposal and confirms we're both serious about getting you results.

Still with me?

Briefing: While I know the shape of what to write for you, I'll need to know the details. This is the step where I either interview you, or send through a brief for you to fill out. You get to choose. I may ask for any market research or previous materials at this stage, as well as any other relevant pieces that will help me craft the right words.

Writing: I'll get to work on creating your copy, then send through your first draft for review.

Review: You'll have this chance to add comments, tweak the copy and give feedback. Just like with the brief, if you want to do this over a call instead of writing things down, that's perfectly fine. 

Edits: All those fabulous suggestions you made get implemented, and the final copy gets proofread.

The end: Final invoice is issued, and we celebrate with champagne and high-fives.

What I charge

While the above menu doesn't have prices, I can say this much: I'm not cheap.

I'm also not new at this, not insisting on making your business fit my writing style, and not taking on niches I know nothing about.

However, I AM someone who has 3 university degrees (including post-graduate), over 20 years experience across multiple industries, and is constantly investing in her own professional development. 

When you choose to work with me, you're getting the trifecta:  

Technical skills + marketing mojo + writing talent

All for a fixed price.

Each project is different, but to give you an idea: an opt-in page & funnel with 5 emails is usually around $2500, while a super long sales page comes in around $1000. Your project could be more, could be less - only one way to find out!