Want sales & clients? You're in the right place.  

Even if right now you've got no list, nothing to sell and are seriously going what-the-tech?!

Sound familiar?

You're wondering what the secret is...

How does everyone else seem to pull major launches out of thin air while you're still ducking the "how's your business going?" question from family & friends.

Motivation isn't the problem...

You've got plenty of that, as proven by your 12 hours days and well-honed hustle - but where are the sales? Why is everything so freaking HARD?

You've got a bad case of blank-page-itis...

Having fun, clickable copy that makes people hit reply and say "please keep selling to me, I love it!" is the dream - but finding the magic words? And actually getting them out of your head and onto the screen? Urgghh,  that's a nightmare that sends you to the fridge (or local bottle shop!)

You know something is missing...

If you could just get the right goodies & the right marketing going, you'd be sorted. Take that doubters! Hello sale pings during the school run!

You've binned more offers than you care to admit...

And then looped back to create another, and another and another - pivoting and flopping all over the internet with a mish-mash of marketing tactics - gotta land on the right one sooner or later, right? Meanwhile, your budget keeps making *womp womp* sounds and your inner mean girl is getting super bitchy....

You just wish it was easier!

You're great at what you do and you have enough passion to rant about it for hours, but being an entrepreneur isn't quite working out like you planned. Longer hours, lots of confusion, living under a stack of trial and error...er hello, what happened to freedom, flexibility and fortune?

You're not alone!

Online marketing is more competitive than ever, which means there are more 'gurus' out there than ever before - each dancing around shouting 6-figures this, rags to riches that - and even though you're pretty sure they're full of it, a little part of you is wondering why your own marketing isn't getting the same result.

Where's YOUR fat list? Where's YOUR mega launch? What the heck does your audience even want and when you create what they ask for, why the F don't they buy it?

Before you chuck it all in, let me drop a reality bomb:  Your offer is FINE. It's GOOD.

And the problem sure isn't you. You're lovely 🙂

You're just missing part of the conversion trifecta.

Scrumptious messaging + Smooth tech + ideal traffic

conversion trifecta

This is HOW MEMBERS roll

Attract perfect leads

Get better results (and have more fun) with an audience who can't wait to hear what you've got coming, then throws themselves into your checkout with a big goofy grin

Write sweet copy

Forget taking yet another writing course, you'll have templates and structures that suck all the right words out of your brain and get them in the perfect order - fun, personality filled copy that gets the sale!

Create content on the fly

Forget giving up weeks (months?) to create your next offer, you're guided through the exact steps used by e-learning professionals so you can be selling in a jiffy AND  creating pedagogically sound (fancy teacher word) programs that WORK for your buyers.

Smack tech into submission

Email, landing pages, cart, tracking, pixels, snippets etc... #allthetech! Forget overwhelm and overspending, you'll be able to show up how you want, as who you really are. You'll have tutorials around the tech you need, help choosing which will fit your unique situation, and a huge nerd at your disposal when you have questions.

Ace your sales strategy

Set your business firmly on the path to growth with intentional, expert-guided strategy. Funnels, messaging, traffic - the lot! Gone are the days of wondering how you'll get revenue coming in...of not knowing what you should do next...of being stuck, swearing and buying course after course that takes you 2 steps forward, 5 steps back - you'll finally be clear on what you have to do and how, plus get full support to get there.

Sell anything

You'll be guided to set up systems to sell anything from a challenge to webinar, retreat to workshop. Even a membership or subscription product! You'll have the skills, feedback and resources to tackle your wildest dreams. YASSSS girl!

Insert Styled Box

The House of Funnelry is focused on implementation & results.

Meeting you where you’re at - whether in a tech panic, wishing you could write like a pro, or wondering why you’re not getting more sales.

There’s help at all stages.


Build your fat list funnel

We go through the tech you need (and what you really, really don’t, no matter what the marketing says!), how to hook it up and what to write so that your list grows each day.


Sell your services & goodies

Having a client getting, sales making funnel is about more than ticking a box, it takes a clear strategy, spot-on copy and perfect pricing.

The key focus in this level is creating a system that speaks deeply to your ideal client, reading their mind and anticipating their responses. Having them fly through checkout becomes a simple  matter!


Optimize for repeat, high-level conversions

Get laser focused messaging, and tech upgrades that can earn you more. 

Your funnel begins to attract ONLY your ideal client (and lots of them), happily serving & selling on autopilot.

You’re ready to create additional revenue sources, choose ways of working more aligned with your goals, and living a life you love!

What exactly is the House of Funnelry?

In the HoF, you're supported at every step from opt-in idea to creating and selling your signature offers.  As a member, you get access to revenue-creating core content, monthly workshops and hot seat coaching in our exclusive community.

Along with all the no-fuss resources, you become part of a global community of female entrepreneurs dedicated to getting their funnels up & earning - stepping into the business you always thought you'd have, and into the life that's been whizzing on without you.

Funnels mean freedom, wahooo!

Oh, and little old me. Shell Higgs, Funnel Strategist & Coach. I'm on a mission to bring back the authenticity, honesty & personality to online marketing. Just like I have with my 1:1 clients, I'll help you step you away from hustle-hell and let your message, voice and stories drive your revenue firmly upwards.

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