Launch your client-getting, course-selling funnel: Fast!
With the A-Z training, coaching & feedback system inside the     

Even if right now you've got no list, nothing to sell and are seriously going what-the-tech?!

This membership arena is for you if:

  • You're wondering what the secret is - how everyone else seems to pull major launches out of thin air while you're still ducking the "how's your business going?" question from family & friends.
  • You know that if you could get the right goodies & the right marketing going, you'd be sorted. Take that doubters! Hello sale pings during the school run!
  • Motivation isn't the problem - you've got plenty of that, as proven by your 12 hours days and well-honed hustle.
  • You're not afraid of all the funnel tech people keep saying you need, you'd just prefer it to be a lot easier.
  • You're the type of person who fast-forwards through webinars to get to the good stuff - you already know why things are important, you just want to know what to click, write & do so you can starfish in success too!

What exactly is the House of Funnelry?

In the HoF, you're supported at every step from opt-in idea to creating and launching your signature offers.  As a member, you get access to revenue-creating core content, monthly workshops and hot seat coaching in our exclusive community.

Along with all the no-fuss resources, you become part of a global community of female entrepreneurs dedicated to getting their funnels up & earning - stepping into the business you always thought you'd have, and into the life that's been whizzing on without you.

Funnels mean freedom, wahooo!

Oh, and little old me. Shell Higgs, Funnel Strategist & Coach. I'm on a mission to bring back the authenticity, honesty & personality to online marketing. Just like I have with my 1:1 clients, I'll help you step you away from hustle-hell and let your message, voice and stories drive your revenue firmly upwards.

House of Funnelry will help you to:

  • Attract the perfect audience & subscribers who throw themselves into your checkout with a big goofy grin
  • Clarify your copywriting, including messaging and offer benefits so you can hustle less, achieve more
  • Create courses from start to finish in days, not months, and get them selling sooner
  • Smack the tech into submission, so  you can show up how you want, as who you really are - shout it from rooftops and be proud of your funnels
  • Save time & energy as you embrace a more flexible way of sharing your message and generating revenue
  • Drill down on the strategy that not only gets you subscribers & sales, but sets your business on the path to growth
  • Launch anything from a challenge to webinar, retreat to workshop. You'll have the skills, feedback and resources to tackle your wildest dreams
success path

Included courses & resources to get you rapid returns  

Free $500 no-brainer bonus when you join

Specific funnel pages so you can go click, click, LIVE

Forget scrambling to find the 'right' template only to discover you're stuck and still don't know what to write, what to include or where to put things on the page.

Funnel in a box lets you pick out the exact page you need to go with your strategy. Use Divi to import them directly (full walkthrough included) or recreate in your preferred tech.

conversion trifecta

With new workshops every month to keep your funnel growing

For example:

Plus guest workshops when you need them most

And feedback + support (maybe a gentle kick in the bum)

Imagine how much easier your marketing would be if you could get quick response coaching around your strategy, tech troubles, copywriting and more. Members enjoy access to peer coaching & feedback, plus intensive coaching from Shell (that's me!). You can expect a combination of:

  • Video feedback on your funnel pages, strategy & copy
  • 'What comes next' help so you're never feeling lost
  • Written prompts and feedback on your funnel - ask for help and you'll get it
  • check
    Quick copy rewrites eg headline suggestions or email hooks



  • Tech makes your tummy squirm
  • You've been hiding from selling


  • Revamped and finally launched her course
  • Has fun showing up (and making sales)
  • Everything's so much easier



  • You've ever been stuck on email marketing


  • Is engaging her audience and loving every moment
  • Has her online strategy sorted
  • Enjoys sending emails (and they're so much more fun now!)

When you join us in the House, you get immediate access to:

Intensive coaching

Resources galore

Capped pricing

Like-minded community

Quick-start courses ............................................ $740 value

Funnel in a Box ...................................................... $500 value

'Ready when you are' FB coaching ...........$999/month value

Monthly Muster LIVE coaching call ..........$300 /month value

Ongoing resources + training.........................$300 /month value

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No contracts or commitments, cancel anytime

Cancel anytime

There's no lock-in contract so you can leave at any time. Due to the nature of intensive coaching and downloadable resources, there are no refunds - put in the effort and your funnel will work. That said, stay for as long or short as you like, simply send an email to and request to leave the House of Funnelry before your next billing date. You'll get confirmation within 24-48 hours and best wishes as you continue your journey.

It saved my tushy three times in just the first month

 The HoF group is so different, and is honestly like having your best friends in your pocket at all times, except these friends all share your entrepreneurial fears, successes, and moments that keep you up at night. It's the singular best move I made to get serious about making my dreams a reality, and getting off the hamster wheel of trying to learn everything myself.

NICOLYN DIME  //  Event Designer

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the content?

You'll get your own login & password when you join. Everything is instantly available (bonus will be up in the next few days), and the monthly workshops will be sorted into categories as they're created.  There's plenty of fun built into the core content, and you know the support group will come with lots of laughs. We're all about getting results, and the rules never said that had to be boring!

What if I decide to leave?
You'll break my bear-shaped heart, but you can leave at any time. Simply cancel your membership by shooting me an email

Will the price go up?
For as long as you're a member, your price will never increase. Even when inflation means a coffee costs ten thousand dollars, your access is still the same as when you signed up. Also, I'm thinking that would be one hell of a good coffee.

How long do I have to stay a member?
As long or short as you like. I coach & write for new businesses as well as help others achieve 6-figure launches. For as long as you feel like you're getting amazing value and support from the House of Funnelry, I'd love to help your business grow.

Is it ready to go now?
You bet! Join the House today and you can start today!

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