Want everything up and earning already... 

and want it NOW?

FACT: Not every business owner is jonesing for a lesson in copywriting. And the idea of working out all that tech might have you crawling out of your skin.

Or maybe you simply have a life!

ALSO FACT: Having an automated funnel locked and loaded, packed with the right words, taking leads on the perfect journey from 'maybe' to 'hell yeah!' is an essential part of your long-term strategy.

When people land on your site, get your emails or click through to your sales page, the right experience will make them whip out their credit card there and then...

To buy your course...

Book your retreat...

Lock in your coaching or service package (hel-lo clients!)...

They're 100% YES - and it happened entirely on autopilot.

My job is to:

* Find out what you want your audience to do, then

* Craft an experience so compelling and delightful that they do it - 


With full implementation, you get to have all the happy endings, without:

** Wondering how to write emails so enticing that even after people buy, they sign up to your list AGAIN so they can keep getting your sales emails - yes, this happens all the time!

** Staring at yet another sales page template and thinking 'that's fine for them, but how do *I* get mega results with *my* offer?

** Stressing about how to get procrastinators off the fence and saying HELL YES

** Juggling tech as you fix one piece, sticky-tape another and swear you've never worked so hard in your life

** Putting off your funnel creation for next week, next month, next year...meanwhile, you know exactly how much it's costing you - the missing revenue teases you every time you think about planning.

** Having to block out precious time, because while you know this is important, the reality is you're at capacity already and it's not your zone of genius anyway.

Conversions give me O face
(Order what she's having!)

Let me create your funnel for you and hand it over DONE.

All the copy - I'm a degree-qualified  conversion copywriter

All the strategy - People pay me hundreds per hour to consult

All the tech - Got a degree in that too (I've been busy!) plus I'm a nerd.

Okay, I'm a HUGE nerd:

Whether your list is in Activecampaign, InfusionSoft, Convertkit or elsewhere, I'll be able to load up your new emails, connect your cart & sales pages, set your automations ready and even get some extra back-end cleverness happening as required.

Landing pages can also go into whichever landing page tech you prefer, including Squarespace, WordPress, Clickfunnels and more. 

Tracy Harris

Our most successful launch to date!

"We'd launched twice before and wanted to get bigger results this time around. So happy with how the process went, from beginning to all the way through - and it was our most successful launch to date!"

If you think you qualify and you're ready to kick off 2019 with a revenue boom, click below to book a quick, no-obligation call.

Q: What's your availability like?

A: I'm currently booking spots for February & March.

Q: What the process?

A: We'll hop on the discovery call and admire each other's casual wardrobe and bed hair. You'll tell me about the amazing thing we're selling and I'll get super excited and overflow with ideas to get you conversions out the wazoo.

If we both agree, we move forward.

You'll receive an invoice for your tax deduction, and an email with a link to book your stress-free briefing session. If our times don't align by default, just hit reply with the time zone you're in & when would be good for you. I'll find a spot that works for both of and confirm manually.

During our session, I'll give you a concrete date for when you'll receive your first draft. Depending on my workload, it could be 5 days, or 2 weeks. Never longer than 30 days, and I'll keep you updated at all times.

I'll also get you to send through any existing market research/testimonials etc that can speed up the process.

You get 2 revisions - one major, one minor.

All copy is approved by you before moving into implementation phase.

Q: Are you sure you can write for my niche?

A: Never met a niche I couldn't sell 🙂 I've written for health coaches, business coaches, relationship coaches...ok, we could be here a while so let's just say "coaches"...interior designers, parenting experts, weight loss, tech, doctors, the whole gamut of entrepreneur-scope - even a toy shop! No matter what your niche is, you can be sure I'll approach it from a custom perspective with a strategy unique to YOU and your business.

Q: Even with my current tech?

A: Yep. Deep down, all tech works the same. And I'm a huuuuuge geek.

Q: There are some extras I'd like help with, can I add them on?

A: Absolutely! Just let me know during our session and I'll bundle them in.

Q: I have another question...

A: Sure! You can either reach me via email shell@thefunnelry.com or click on that little chat icon on the bottom corner.