Making tech your bitch

In this episode:Stop tripping over the tech and trying to MacGyver it all together – who carries sticky tape & pipe cleaners anyway? Discover the common sense approach to online marketing that saves you money and gets everything earning faster. 

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Why knowing your ideal client isn’t enough

In this episode:They keep nagging you to work out your customer avatar, like it’s a magic pill – but there’s still something missing – YOU! Find out what this means for your business and how being selfish can lead to bigger, better, faster successes. Bonus drinking game! It turns out I kept repeating “and you know […]

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The shame of ZERO sales

In this episode:What happens when you put out an offer and get ZERO sales? Shame spiral? Confusion? Keep it a secret? All of the above? In this episode, we explore the shame around not meeting your goal and how a simple debrief process can rescue the day. DOWNLOAD YOUR DEBRIEF CHECKLISTFind out exactly what went wrong […]

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What should your stats be?

In this episode:Are you doing your marketing….right? We all want to know our efforts are being seen & rewarded, but which stats are good, which stats are bad? Which ones mean you should take your ball & go home? Find out here! 

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GDPR – the last minute fix

GDPR – the last minute fixTweak your email marketing without the drama, scare tactics & hoops you’ve been avoiding.Skip ahead:Do this to your privacy policy​Do this to your formsBe extra consentyDo this to your list adminDo this for existing subscribersDo this to cover your a$$Just in case you’ve been living in a cave, a new […]

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The best day (and time) to send emails to your list is…


What’s the best day and time to hit send?Been holding out for the absolute best day to send your emails? I’ve been rummaging through my end of year stats to discover the proof once and for all – When’s the best time to send emails? Getting your timing right is important because you don’t want […]

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Using countdown timers to clinch the sale


Using countdown timers to clinch the saleSo you’ve sent out an email detailing your latest offer, which you KNOW is exactly what your subscribers and wider audience are looking for – but they’re not buying. What gives? The problem (likely) isn’t you. Your tech is all hooked up, the buttons work, the email copy was […]

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Top 10 tips for creating a high-converting sales page


Top 10 tips for creating a high-converting sales page A good sales page can be your 24/7 salesperson, hustling your goodies so you don’t have to. It sits there, ready to draw buyers in with all those intentionally crafted pieces of text, colour, images and buttons…almost hypnotic in the way it makes readers keep on […]

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How to make November/December your most profitable months


How to make Nov/Dec your most profitable monthsChristmas is cancelled. CANCELLED!!!! Well, that’s the lame threat I bring out each year in the hopes of getting my kids to stop fighting. Of course it never works! They know I’m a big softie. But when your Christmas morning joy is directly linked to your business income, […]

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The exhausted entrepreneur’s guide to email list building

email list building for entrepreneurs

The exhausted entrepreneur’s guide to email list buildingBuilding your email list is one of the most important things you can do for your business, but damn girl, all that hustling is EXHAUSTING. Sadly for your scheduled nap time, your email list does need to grow if you want a way to take new subscribers on […]

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