What NOT to write in your funnel

What NOT to write in your funnel Some stories are just TMI…We often talk about how tricky it is to come up with good stories to include in your marketing – actually, forget tricky – sometimes it’s bloody impossible!That blank page panic seeps through as you type rubbish sentence after rubbish, hit delete and try again […]

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7 ways to save money while getting tons of leads

save money while building list

7 Ways to Save Money While Getting Tons of LeadsA business without leads is not a business. It’s a hobby. Or bankrupt! Been talking with small businesses & solopreneurs from all sorts of niches – coaches, artists, analysts, real estate, authors, e-commerce, branding, copywriters… They ALL say the same thing”I need new leads” That’s the key. New = […]

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Making tech your bitch

getting your funnel tech right

​Stop tripping over the tech and trying to MacGyver it all together – who carries sticky tape & pipe cleaners anyway? Discover the common sense approach to online marketing that saves you money and gets everything earning faster. Biggest takeaways from this episode:How trying to glue a bunch of tech together doesn’t mean you’ll be successful, […]

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Why knowing your ideal client isn’t enough

knowing your ideal client

They keep nagging you to work out your customer avatar, like it’s a magic pill – but there’s still something missing – YOU!Find out what this means for your business and how being selfish can lead to bigger, better, faster successes. Bonus drinking game! It turns out I kept repeating “and you know what” so instead of […]

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The shame of ZERO sales

when you get zero sales

What happens when you put out an offer and get ZERO sales? Shame spiral? Confusion? Keep it a secret? All of the above?In this episode, we explore the shame around not meeting your goal and how a simple debrief process can rescue the day. Biggest takeaways from this episode:How having launch failure isn’t about you as a […]

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