7 ways to save money while getting tons of leads

save money while building list

7 Ways to Save Money While Getting Tons of LeadsA business without leads is not a business. It’s a hobby. Or bankrupt! Been talking with small businesses & solopreneurs from all sorts of niches – coaches, artists, analysts, real estate, authors, e-commerce, branding, copywriters… They ALL say the same thing”I need new leads” That’s the key. New = […]

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Making tech your bitch

getting your funnel tech right

​Stop tripping over the tech and trying to MacGyver it all together – who carries sticky tape & pipe cleaners anyway? Discover the common sense approach to online marketing that saves you money and gets everything earning faster. Biggest takeaways from this episode:How trying to glue a bunch of tech together doesn’t mean you’ll be successful, […]

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Why knowing your ideal client isn’t enough

knowing your ideal client

They keep nagging you to work out your customer avatar, like it’s a magic pill – but there’s still something missing – YOU! Find out what this means for your business and how being selfish can lead to bigger, better, faster successes. Bonus drinking game! It turns out I kept repeating “and you know what” so instead […]

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The shame of ZERO sales

when you get zero sales

What happens when you put out an offer and get ZERO sales? Shame spiral? Confusion? Keep it a secret? All of the above? In this episode, we explore the shame around not meeting your goal and how a simple debrief process can rescue the day. Biggest takeaways from this episode:How having launch failure isn’t about you as […]

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What should your stats be?

what should funnel stats be

​Are you doing your marketing….right? We all want to know our efforts are being seen & rewarded, but which stats are good, which stats are bad? Which ones mean you should take your ball & go home? It’s time to make your marketing earn its keep and give you solid ROI on all that time & […]

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