What's the best day and time to hit send?

Been holding out for the absolute best day to send your emails? I’ve been rummaging through my end of year stats to discover the proof once and for all –

When’s the best time to send emails?

Getting your timing right is important because you don’t want to be annoying and sending emails while your subscribers are run off their feet, jumping out at them and yelling “ta da, look at me! Do this thing for me RIGHT NOW”

…And you also don’t want to be checking your stats next day and discover NOBODY read your email. That’s simply too embarrassing to contemplate, and usually means it will be months before you try sending another.

the-best-time-to-send-emailsSo timing is everything.

But is my optimal timing the same as yours?

Nope. Your audience is made up of very different people to mine, so you’ll need to take these stats with a grain of salt. I’ll show you how to check your own stats to find out your own best day/time combo in a few minutes.

If you don’t have any stats yet, or the thought of number crunching sets your teeth on edge, there IS a quick n dirty way to work out your best times.

You know your audience, right? They’re mums, office workers, self-employed people who travel a lot, etc. Whatever little details you know about your audience will help, because I’m going to ask one question:

Rolling through the days of the week – what is your audience doing at 7am? 11am? 3pm? 7pm? 11pm?

There’s a damn good chance that you’ll be able to say, with confidence, “she’s checking her email” for at least one of those day/time combos.

The best day to send emails is:


My report is telling me 70.44% of my opens happened on a Wednesday.

Which makes perfect sense based on what I know about my audience. Wednesday is hump day, the middle of week where Friday seems so far away, and the fast burn of Monday is far behind them. Wednesday is the day when my audience needs a distraction – and my emails are nothing if not distracting! It’s also the day when they start thinking about booking clients for next week/next month, how the budget is looking, and how to increase their sales.

Of course, open rates aren’t infallible – not every open will trigger a track that said ‘I got opened’ and not all opens = reads, but they are a very good indicator of whether your emails are landing in front of enough eyes.

But still, look at the differences between days.

Thursday is almost as big as Wednesday, with Tuesday not far behind. The only day that really takes a hit is Sunday, which is when my audience actively tries to unplug.

The best time to send emails is:


7am and 11am (my time) are getting the most opens.  Midday is close behind.

Yup, 7am is when you’re checking your email to see if your plans for the day have changed, and 11am is morning tea – time for some email love!

Perhaps more importantly, take a look at the no-go times when opens really drop: 1-6am, and 6pm.

Again, thinking about what I know my audience is up to at those times, ie, sleeping & eating dinner….perfect sense!



Does send day/time matter?

Imagine if I was hitting send on my newsletter on a Sunday morning at 2am. Clearly, that wouldn’t happen because zzzzzzzz, but if I did, opens would plummet.

And I’d get depressed thinking nobody loved me.

Even if it was the best email in the history of emails, it wouldn’t get the attention I wanted. If only a handful people are opening it, even fewer are clicking through, and my sales/conversions are minimal. The email gets buried and likely forgotten.

Totally not in the business plan!

So yes, send day/time DOES matter. But as you saw in the stats, not as much as you might think. Avoid the dead zones that are particular to  your audience, and you’ll get your opens.

But you actually have to hit send.

The only guaranteed way to screw yourself over is to hold off for the perfect day, the perfect email, and the perfect words. They don’t exist. Pour yourself into an email and hit send.

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How to check your own best day/time stats

In ActiveCampaign: Click reports, then the tiny arrow to drop down on the ‘contacts’ side menu, then Open/read trends. All the stats are on the one page.check best time to send in activecampaign

In Convertkit: At this stage, Convertkit don’t have a global report like the ones above, but you can go into each sequence, email or subscriber and see the stats individually. A few clicks will give you most of the data you’re looking for since it’s pretty clear when emails are/not being opened. To my knowledge, the only way to see what days your emails are being opened is to choose a random selection of subscribers and actually go into their profiles. When you hover over a message they’ve opened, it will tell you the date opened.

convertkit see what day opened

In Aweber: Again, no global reporting that I can see, but you can still get into the stats quite deeply. For this task, you’ll be checking individual emails or sequences. The Aweber Stats App might be easier to access the day/time reports, but work with what you’re comfortable with. A quick overview on how to access your stats is here. You can’t break anything by looking at stats, so have yourself a merry clickaround.

aweber open stats

In Mailchimp: Mailchimp has pretty clear reporting, but there doesn’t seem to be a global report for this unless you buy it. I recommend clicking around the reports to get an idea of your global trends. Start by navigating to the reports page, and selecting either a subscriber or a recent email.

No matter which email client you’re sending from, the stats will always be able to give you a clue about YOUR best time to send. You don’t have to check every email you wrote this year, or every subscriber, just take a few minutes to have a quick click around and get a rough idea. And remember, your subscribers are waiting to hear from you, so hit send!