Pleased to meet you

You’re on the verge of taking off.

Starting a business is one thing. Getting it to be profitable enough that you can spend every Monday chilling in your yoga pants and getting hot stone massages is another.  There are just so many pieces to the puzzle you feel like you’ll never get there without burning out first.

But when you’re not hustling, you’re riding the guilt-train about not hustling enough! Gotta sell more courses, launch an ebook, get people into the group program, build a list, nurture the list, book 5 discovery calls…even the thought of all that selling is EXHAUSTING, ready to suck your day away, one hour at a time.

I get it. You started your business to serve, not sell.

So you avoid marketing your goodies, tip-toeing around your audience, sending watered down newsletters a few times a year (if that), and hoping desperately that nobody unsubscribes.

And that means your programs are going stale. Your services are under-booked. Your revenue is pancake-flat. 

Let’s fix that.

Hello! I’m Shell Higgs

…and I know you can get your goodies selling, with a fully booked diary too.

As a funnel strategist & copywriter, it’s my job to help you sell authentically, reaching your audience with stories so filled with personality that you’re crazy excited to hit send. I've been in the marketing, tech & training realm for 20 years now, and I'm itching to help you get your business hopping with new leads, new clients and new buyers.

The bottom line? I help you set up & write your emails, your sales pages and your landing pages, turning your funnel into an irresistible stream of confidence, so that your audience dives on your payment buttons with an OMG YES.

From the moment of opt-in, your funnel becomes a subscriber experience, that…

  • Gets your emails opened first
  • Sets you above your competitors
  • Increases your booking rates
  • Sells your offers easily
  • Makes you memorable

All without ick, aggressive tactics or imposter syndrome.

7 TMI facts about me

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    I’m a single mumma to 2 gorgeous girls, and have been for basically forever. I’d really only start dating again for the lawn mowing and heavy lifting.
  • check
    I have 3 uni degrees and am seriously considering getting my PhD in something, for no other reason than to be called The Doctor.
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    I live near Brisbane, Australia. The beach is just down the road but I never go there... I just like to smell the breeze without getting sand in my knickers.
  • check
    I’m allergic to latex. That was a fun one to discover!
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    My right hand is permanently busted. The wrist doesn’t bend and thumbs up is hilarious. If you try to high-five me or shake it, I will run away.
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    Need some tomatoes or strawberries? I'll grow them from seeds with my amazing 'point a hose' talent. But nothing else survives, no idea why!
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    I’m a shameless chocoholic and routinely steal treats from my children. Easter eggs, chocolate Santas, party bags…leave them unattended and I’ll not be held responsible for what happens next.