7 ways to save money while getting tons of leads

save money while building list

7 Ways to Save Money While Getting Tons of Leads

A business without leads is not a business. It’s a hobby. Or bankrupt!

Been talking with small businesses & solopreneurs from all sorts of niches - coaches, artists, analysts, real estate, authors, e-commerce, branding, copywriters...

They ALL say the same thing

"I need new leads"

That’s the key. New = fresh

You CAN actually exhaust your list - either through sales fatigue or by solving their problems - so fresh leads are a constant requirement.

Doesn't mean having the worlds biggest list, it just means growth.

Growing your audience of people who’ve said yes, tell me more.

But getting those leads can be expensive.

Goodness knows Facebook advertising isn’t the magical solution it used to be - these days you’re lucky if you’re paying $5 or less per lead - it’s ridiculously competitive.

For most small businesses, that’s not an easy investment. After all, 100 leads would cost $500, 1000 leads would cost $5000!

So how can you save money while still growing your list at a reasonable rate?

1     Make it worthwhile

No surprise given what we do here, but make sure you’re converting a good % of your leads into paying buyers. Don’t bulldoze them lovingly into a pile and then ignore them.  Not everyone on your list will convert, but so long as a healthy portion do, that’s going to mean your database of leads is self-sustaining. The last thing you want is for having a list to be a drain on your finances with no return.

2.  Cull, combine or crunch your tech

Are you paying too much for your email hosting? For your web hosting? Landing page? Payment processor? Webinars? Video storage?

The average tech stack for small business can easily run $1000/month - everything cost money.

But maybe it’s costing more than it should.

We get carried away when choosing our tech plans, wanting the most features or planning for the future. Sometimes, that can bite you in the bum!

Eg If your list is under 1000 people, you can get very good email service with Mailerlite for free.  There’s literally no reason you should be paying anything when your list is tiny. 

That doesn’t mean small lists are bad, on the contrary, a list of 1000 people can provide a full time income, but the complexity of management isn’t there and you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

For those with larger lists or who WANT complex management, ActiveCampaign is an excellent solution - but you can still easily over-commit. For example, there’s no point paying for a 5000 subscriber capacity if your list isn’t there yet. You can always upgrade your account, but you can’t claw back the hundreds (or thousands) each year you pay if you go in too hard, too fast.

Just like you check on your car insurance each year, run the same critical eye over your tech stack. What needs to go? What services can be combined? What services can be downgraded?

3. Clean House

While you’re looking at your email, clean it up a little. Make sure you’re not filling it with spammers, stalkers or collectors. Anyone who’s bouncing = delete. Anyone who hasn’t opened your emails in ages - send them a re-engagement campaign. Letting them bloat up your list hurts your stats, your deliverability (keeping you out of spam folders) and costs you money.

4. Laser focus on one platform

This one is really about making one lead gen method your priority. You might dabble in the other methods, maybe pin a post or something, but mostly you can ignore them.

For example, if you’re spending money on paid ads direct to your opt-in page, you probably wouldn't want to ALSO pay someone to write your blog. The ads would be your primary platform, the part you pay attention to.

Whereas if you’re a mad keen blogger and getting oodles of traffic, your priority should be on getting those readers to join your list and you might not even think about ads. Instead, you’d be all ‘where can I put this Call To Action so that they’ll definitely sign up?’

The point is, trying to be everywhere means you’re adding extra costs that you just don’t need. Pick your ONE platform and make it work for you.

5. Use SEO

Yes, that’s still a thing when it comes to funnels! You can bring searches direct to your opt-in page or cornerstone content. Simple tweaks to what  you already have, like using Heading tags instead of just making the font bigger, can make a real difference.

6. Use share campaigns to go viral

When people DO sign up to your list - they become a lead - what happens next? Do you thank them and that’s it? Why not use that page to do some good for you!

Use a thanks now share page to get them sharing your opt-in page all over their socials. That’s free, powerful marketing.

There’s even free tech out there like GoViral that lets you give them an EXTRA freebie if they share.

7. Fly your freak flag

The more you can stand out and be memorable, the more likely people are to refer you, tag you, and spread the word for you.

That doesn't mean pretending be someone you’re not - rather it means being who you actually ARE.

Even if that’s an f-bomb dropping hippie. Make that part of your marketing.

Or if you’re a smart mouthed frump mum who quite literally tells people what to do, make that part of your marketing.

Flying your freak flag will actually help attract leads - the ones who will convert faster and be worth more over time.

So there you have it, 7 ways to save money while still getting tons of leads. Check out the resources linked in the shownotes to get started, and I’ll see you next time

Resources mentioned:

Activecampaign for email marketing

Mailerlite for FREE email marketing

Go Viral

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