Got unsubscribes? That’s FANTASTIC – here’s why

Got unsubscribes? That's fantastic!

My first unsubscribes rocked my world.

I'd done all the 'right' things to build my list - why were people unsubscribing?

They must hate me! (Or worse, they know I'm a complete fraud!)

I read through the email I'd just sent, going over every single word to look for typos, accidental insults...there must be something in there that drove those subscribers away.

Then I spiraled.

Maybe it was the photo of me.

My head shot was a selfie after all, and I do tend towards the frumpy side.

Maybe it was my biz name.

Maybe it was my message and I was coming at this from entirely the wrong angle.

Maybe I should do it like that other person - I bet SHE never gets unsubscribes.

And on and on it went, a highway straight to Doubtville.

All because I'd sent my very first newsletter to about 50 people, and 3 had unsubscribed.

I know, right?!

Experienced & grown up me knows 3 unsubscribes is nothing and I was tearing myself down for no reason.

But to newbie me, it hurt A LOT - even made me question whether to risk sending another email, just in case more people ran away screaming.

Unsubscribes still make an impact, but in a different way.

Check out the livestream below where I CELEBRATE unsubscribes, including:

  • The real reason they hurt
  • An essential re-frame
  • The value in letting them go
  • FIVE ways to minimize unsubscribes

I guarantee, you'll never look at an unsubscribe the same way again.