What you missed in May

The best Funnelry content always comes in email, so as part of a regular commitment to saying nyer nyer you missed out, here’s a new monthly series. It’s the whole newsletter/blog summary scenario in reverse.

What you missed in May

It’s a behind the scenes peek at real subject lines. Real hooks. And real value that only my subscribers get.

Note: To get these, you have to be in the newsletter segment which means you’ve either gone through the initial nurture sequence or opted in for pure newsletter in the footer.


SUBJECT: Crutches & wheelchairs for everyone!

Tales of my cruelty as I first reject my child, knock her into a puddle to badly sprain her ankle, then whack her against a door frame while trying to carry her heavy ass to the doctor.

That was the just the hook as a story intro. The actual content was about how long you can ignore your list before guilt sets in (and of course, what to do about it.)

*I’d like to say no children were harmed during the creation of this month’s content, but it would be a lie. All I can say it that it was all accidental, a comedy of wtf stacked on so-unfair, and she still loves me.

** Only one main nurture email this month, as all my time was spent lugging ice packs & getting chopped up (see below).


SUBJECT: Want a stack of new subscribers by morning?

I held a flash sale on a new Facebook ad workshop and as an intro saving, the Funnelry tribe was invited to save 75% for the weekend.

Segmenting: Those who clicked the link were tagged as interested.

The hook: Real quick… Is your opt-in page feeling a little lonely and only getting a couple clicks each day?

A very short email to warm subscribers to the idea of the workshop and raise interest.


SUBJECT:  [Time sensitive] Just 48 more hours to get 75% off

This email included a timer from motionmail, since many of my subscribers are in a different time zone.

Slightly longer email with more detail.


SUBJECT: Be a ‘get it done gal’

Last general follow up, and like the previous ones, it built on the pitch as a whole. Included the timer counting down.

The hook: I’m a get it done type of gal. (Someone who doesn’t wait for permission or planetary alignment to reach her goals). You probably are too.


SUBJECT: Yes, DO talk to strangers!

Only sent to those who were tagged as clicking the sales page link. Included the timer.

Hook (continuation of the subject line): Probably not that old guy with the candy though…


Skin cancer is a pain in the neck (not an email)

Went to get a spot on my neck checked and came out with 2 stitches after a biopsy. Went to get the stitches out and got told the sample was chock full of cancery badness – and they need to cut more. So much more. So many more stitches. Is it done yet? God I hope so!

Click the image to see my gnarly stitches (if you dare!). It’s been a weird month and now I’m FrankenFunnelry.



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