The sure fire method to make YOUR emails stand out

The sure-fire method to make your emails stand out

Whenever I think of entertainment, I think of 3 things:

1. Robbie Williams in leather underwear
Didn’t he wear leather knickers in his video clip for ‘let me entertain you’?
(If I imagined that, please don’t spoil it. He didn’t even have hairy thighs)

2. Cedric the Entertainer
Not particularly funny, but you can’t deny the STYLE of making that your real name.

3. Russel Crowe as Gladiator yelling “are you not entertained?’
In his leather skirt…wait…what the hell?

higher-open-rates-bFine. Obviously my mind is a little fixated right now. I’m probably ovulating or something devious.


Why don’t we think of email as entertainment?
Seriously, some of the emails I get from my friends are funny as heck. They’re not jokes either, just stories about their weekend or what’s going on in their lives.

The truth is, the most effective sales emails are the ones that get you spraying your drink all over the screen, because they’re the ones that make you stop scrolling.

They stop you opening an email just to mark it as read.

They stop you deleting it, ignoring it.

Heck, if the subject line isn’t entertaining it doesn’t even get opened.

Emails ARE entertainment.
Maybe not ha-ha entertainment where a duck, rabbit and elephant walk into a bar.
Or even dad-jokes that make you groan.

But entertainment that makes your reader’s day a little brighter.
And then you know what happens? They read the next email. And the next one. Clicking links left, right and centre.

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