Like having a conversion coach on speed dial! 

Support at every step from opt-in idea to creating and launching your signature offers.  As a member, you get access to revenue-creating core content, monthly workshops, and hot seat coaching in our exclusive community.

Grab your fully guided workbook for 4 funnels that convert like crazy...and the exact map to implement them.

This rapid-fire course hands you the easiest, fastest method to write subscriber-seducing emails that get opened, clicked and sold. Use what you learn to sell services, your courses & ebooks, or even affiliate promotions! The included prompts, examples and video training will unlock the power of email in your business - even if you have no writing talent and very little time.

  1. Webinar funnels for your next launch, so you can collect more leads than you need, and have them all show up!
  2. Single offer funnels for a straight through experience, rolling out the welcome mat and showing your new subscribers exactly what you have to offer.
  3. Multi offer funnels for a stacked experience, taking subscribers from one offer to another, so you're serving AND earning.
  4. Upsell/Downsell funnels for your empire, so you're never leaving a subscriber behind or missing an opportunity again!

Lost for words? These 4 vital email scripts are plug & play in minutes.

Climb on board the ready-set-done train with easy to follow prompts, fully customisable stories & hook, and multiple subject lines to choose from.

  • 2 x Flash Sale Scripts so you can quickly whip up a sales email while the kids are brushing their teeth and have payments pinging before you reach the school gate.
  • 1 x Revival Script so you can pick up even the most 'forgotten' list and prime for big results
  • 1 x Testimonial Script so you can automate your feedback loop, leading to epic social proof