How to choose a launch model ~ that works for you!

How to choose a sales model - that works for YOU!

I always thought that when I launched a passive income product, I'd do a big FAT launch.

With webinars, podcast interviews, guest posts and an epic ad spend.

It was going to be haaaa-uuuuge.

As in, my milkshake brings all the media to the yard and I'd be starfishing on a bed full of hundred dollar bills.

Oh, I'd be magically thinner and prettier too.

It's a bit like 'when I grow up, I'll...'

Turns out, I don't want to do all that stuff. That's hard work!

Don't get me wrong, I love creating content to help you gals achieve your dreams, but the stress of being 'ON' all the time? Not for this socially special duck.

But the pressure is still there.

And I bet you feel it too.

Because who's shouting the loudest? Launchers.

It seems as if that's the way online biz is 'supposed' to be done.

But honestly, the classic entrepreneur dream of being massively visible and having huge coverage isn't for me.

I'm all about the pyjama lifestyle (can I get a hell yes!) and success without panic attacks.

It's the main reason I chose to make my products evergreen.

What does evergreen mean?

Simply put, it's always available.
Evergreen offers create a consistent flow of sales, with bursts around deadlines. And funnels are always running to new subscribers. Rinse & repeat.

It's a sweet, sweet party and the doors never close.

The funnel generally rolls out like this:

  1. Subscriber grabs a freebie and goes 'wahoo, I love this vibe!'
  2. An email sequence starts and your subscriber gets to know you & your message a little better. You're building know, like, trust and making friendship bracelets and cupcakes.
  3. After at least 4 emails (don't make me hold you back by your knickerband) you can start to pitch your offer, either as a continuance of the welcome sequence or as a separate sales sequence.
  4. You spend a few emails gushing about how your subscriber's life will be super awesome once they solve their problem - but don't forget to set a deadline.
  5. The deadline can be either time-based, price-based, or loss of opportunity.
  6. Your subscriber trundles along your funnel to either:

a) Checkout (high fives!)

b) Get pitched a mini offer

c) Go for a ride on your email list and get ongoing love for a while, until you re-pitch your offer.

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What about launches?

Those who use a launch model close their products off and don't let people buy them until the cart is re-opened.
It creates buzz, excitement and you get bulk sales in one go.

They don't necessarily make more than an evergreen funnel, but it can sure seem like it.

After all, an evergreen funnel can't really brag about a 6-figure payday unless you've got a whole bunch of subscribers hitting your sales sequence at the same time!

But while the launchers have closed the doors, evergreen are still earning and it does add up.

The funnel generally rolls out like this:

  1. Subscriber is either already on the list (just because doors are closed doesn't mean you can wuss out on growing your list) or joins as part of the launch promos.
  2. All the subscribers get warmed up a little with teaser emails.
  3. Then comes out the webinar pitch. Give your subscribers a reason to show up, because they KNOW you're going to try and sell something, so whatever free element you've got going needs to be damn tasty.
  4. Webinar peeps are pitched the offer, usually with some fast action bonuses.
  5. (Most sales come in the first 1-2 days and on the last day)
  6. Then your subscriber rounds out the launch by either:

a) Buying from one of the sales emails

b) Holding out until the doors close and hoping for a better offer (lower price, extended payment plan, extra bonus, smaller version of offer, etc)

c) Going for a ride on your email list and getting ongoing love for a while, until the launch doors open again.

How to choose the right model for you

There's no right & wrong model.

There's no line in the sand with launchers on one side and evergreens on the other.

And nobody is going to call you out for doing it wrong.

There's not even a right model FOR YOU, but rather a case of being the right model for right now.

What model do you think will suit you at this moment and fit in with your life?

Neato. Can your offer roll with your choice?

If not, make some tweaks.

Go for a mix

You can create a custom experience anytime you like, with evergreen core content and then launch a live supplement or retreat, or hell, an upgrade of any sort.

The only rules are the ones you put in place - the ones you're comfortable with.

But you DO have to make a choice.

Because you're in charge - even if you're going for the PJ lifestyle and can't remember the last time you wore a bra to 'work' - you're still the boss.

Your subscriber experience demands you know exactly where each turn in the road goes, so you can make sure your audience gets to the end destination.

Without wandering off.

Or worse - bumping into a 'coming soon' page that never opens, while you sit there twiddling!

How do you choose between evergreen and launch?
Try a launch.

BONUS: How to know if your biz is ready to go wild with your first subscriber-loving sales funnel (plus insider access to my proven sales-on-demand methods)

When you create a product that nobody has seen before, you're going to want to get it out there, testing and getting feedback, right?

So launch it to your list. Even if it's teeny tiny. Or if it's huge, pick a chunk and launch it to that group.

Do the full sales sequence and sales page thing, maybe run a webinar to them with some FB lives too. How big you go is entirely up to you.

And if you loved the launch experience (and the boom in sales), be a launcher for a while.

If you hated it and cringed at the idea of actively getting up and selling your product, but did a happy dance every time you got a sale, be an evergreen gal and use your funnel to do all the heavy lifting.

In the end, the model you choose has very little to do with your product.

And even less to do with how much your audience will love it.

For once, it really IS all about you!

It's a difficult choice, especially since we mostly see launchers (they're the loudest) - but does that mean the launch model is right for YOU? Is it right for your offer? In this piece, I walk through my own experiences and how you can learn from my mistakes (and delusions of grandeur!)