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Don’t waste time jumping from one funnel platform to another, recreating your pages and throwing emails into the wind to see what works... Build. Optimize. Win.

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If you’ve got the skills to pull it all together but aren’t sure what should go where, when or why, STOP. Rushing ahead with a generic (or wrong) strategy will cost you time and money.

Your subscribers are relying on you to show them the way to YES, whether that means booking a call with you or buying your programs at checkout. Without a clear strategy, you’ll lose most of them along the way. Having a list is nice, but having a profitable one is better.

Your strategy session is a one hour 1:1 call to blast through your obstacles and set your systems for success

Cath Oneissy Pinterest Marketing Maestro

No more fumbling!

From mapping it out to thank you pages, sales pages to sales emails. Shell was generous with her feedback and it was always spot on. There really are no words to describe how valuable and confidence-boosting it is to have someone who really knows their stuff tell you that you've got it right. No more fumbling around in the dark!

Kristin Bornstein The Brazen Adventuress

I DOUBLED my open rates

I quickly DOUBLED my open rates and can always count on tons of click-throughs! Email used to feel so hard, I put it off for so long, but now it's a major strength in my business.

Jennifer Zils Kids Eat Vegetables

One of my best investments this year

Shell’s support has helped me to organize my subscriber experience and to fully implement my sales funnel. Shell’s attention to detail and feedback has helped turn my awkward, unorganized offers into a results machine.

Book a Strategy Session with Shell

Benefits of your strategy session

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    Grow your list with opt-in conversions above 70%
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    Write a sales page that gets people shouting 'shut up & take my money!'
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    Serve your audience on a deeper level, while being more hands off
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    Book your diary, sell your goodies and run your business with ease

​​​​Pick one of these to work on

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    Writing your sales page/emails or opt-in page
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    Planning your value ladder
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    Identify friction (those slam on the brakes & run away prompts) in your funnel
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    Plan & outline your complete funnel strategy
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    Something else that's getting you down (we'll fix it!)

Your strategy session includes:

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    60 minute 1:1 video call with screen sharing
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    Access to call recording
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    Email support for 5 days afterwards

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