Are cold lists the end of the world? Truth vs fiction

Are cold lists the end of the world?

Here, take this steaming cup of coffee and let’s chat.
It’s a new day, which means you have a new opportunity to make an impression on your subscribers.
No, I’m not saying they have goldfish memories!

What I meant was that if you haven’t etched yourself in their minds yet as one of these:
* The expert who can absolutely help them
* The business who sends the BEST emails
* That person they hate with a passion but can’t look away
…then you’re still in with a chance.

cold-email-list-bYou might not be memorable yet, but you will be.
You simply need to re-train your subscribers.
===> Wake them up.
===> Dance naked in front of them.
===> Throw a few choc-chip cookies their way.

ie, give them a damn good reason to come back to #teamyou
And hear what you have to say.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a quick look at a few myths about cold/disengaged lists

Myth #1: You may as well start again, they’ve forgotten who you are
Unless you bought your list on eBay and it’s full of junk subscribers, this one just ain’t true.
Do not delete your list. Repeat, do not delete your list. No matter how small.
You worked hard to get those subscribers! All that time creating content, sharing in groups, creating the super-fiddly form for goodness sake…it’s all effort you want to get a reward out of, not throw away.
It’s not that they’ve forgotten you, it’s more that they’ve forgotten why they should care.
It only takes one open to get back on their radar. And if you fill that email with clear, undeniable benefits for them? #helloteamyou

Myth #2: You have to send them your best stuff for free to get them back
I love this one.
So, you’ve sent them your best stuff for free, and they actually opened and clicked to add it to their collection. Now what?
Make more best stuff?
Yeah right. Those freebie-claiming subscribers are done with you, and don’t even have enough loyalty to give you a testimonial.

Myth #3: You have to use click-bait subject lines to shock them
Because we’re a fan of click-bait, right?
Or not. While this tactic will absolutely get you opens, it will also get you the highest number of unsubscribes. Hey, I’m a big fan of encouraging never-gonna-buy subscribers to self-select out of  your list, but this is a little different.
Waking your list with click-bait damages your reputation, and honestly, you’ll probably need a shower afterwards.
Instead of going for click-bait revival, go for hyper-focused revival. What problem are your subscribers experiencing at that very moment they’re skimming their inbox? Use THAT as your subject line instead.

So there you have it 🙂
Cold lists aren’t the end of the world.

Cold email lists can be a real problem when you're ready to launch, but before you clean your list, read this. More than likely, you can bring them back to live and get them addicted to you! Revive your email list with these quick tips.