How to automatically segment your list in Convertkit (and roll in more sales)

How to automatically segment your list in Convertkit


Everyone goes on about list segments, but besides separating buyers from not-yet-buyers, what’s the go?


You could have a trillion people on your list and still not make any sales, because chances are, you’re not speaking the same language.

And I don’t mean English.

I mean understanding.

Why segmenting your list makes it more profitable

All your niche jargon, special terms, pains and celebrations form a language that pretty much excludes anyone who has no idea what the hell you’re on about. Craft blog talking about hot glue techniques? I assume you put it in the microwave for some reason.  Fitness blog talking about beep tests? Not sure


 what noses have to do with fitness, but whatever.

Ask any book nerd, and they’ll tell you understanding goes beyond words.   Your connection with your subscribers depends on whether you’re both speaking the same language.

That’s what segmenting gives you – a common language.

Slightly important that your subscribers can actually understand what the hell you’re on about, maybe?

Here’s the thing: segmenting your list only feels hard because you’re trying to do it after the fact.

… After you’ve run a launch.

… After your sales weren’t up to scratch.

… And after you’ve already spent hours putting together your subscriber experience.

You end up basically running around sticky taping lists together and hoping for the best. No wonder segmenting gets a bad rap!

But what if you AUTOMATICALLY segmented up front?

Imagine how powerful pure customization can be!

Targeted emails to subscribers who clicked through to your sales page but didn’t buy (yet!). Beginner content to subscribers who need more help. Put simply,  you can send emails about cats to the crazy cat lady subscriber group, and emails about dogs to the men who like to run shirtless through the park.

Well, you get the idea. It just happens to have a 6-pack visual now.

And they’re all still in the same list. The only difference is they’re connecting with you so deep they can feel their wallets opening by magic.

You can get your subscribers to self-select almost anything, you’re really just tracking which links they click and actions they take. Today, I’m going to show you how to segment your list within the first days of a subscriber hopping on your list. The sooner you start speaking their language, the sooner your subscribers can say yes.

Automatic segmenting from the beginning

The easiest way is to add an email to your welcome sequence, with 3 options to choose from, and a rule that applies a tag based on what your subscribers click. Like this:

automatic segmenting in convertkit example


For me, each link goes to a separate page with a ‘thanks’ message. You could also send them to a blog post that suits their situation.

In the background of my email provider, ConvertKit (affiliate link), I’ve set it up so that when subscribers click an option, it adds a tag to the name.

For example, when Adele SuperSongstress clicks option 1, she’s tagged ‘new to biz’. Nothing exciting happens that she can see, it’s just a note attached to her email address.

Then, I can serve her like this:

*Receives emails about things that will help her get up and running

*DOESN’T receive emails about advanced optimization techniques

*Emails contain language she understands and problems she has


How to set up automatic segmenting in Convertkit

Step 1:  Decide what you want to know

Maybe you want to know your subscriber ability level, their interest in different sub-niches, or even what they want to see in the future.

What information will help you speak to them more precisely and personally?

Draft it into 3 perfectly separate options – you want to avoid overlap, so that your subscriber can look at it and say “THAT’S ME!”

Step 2:  Create/choose link destinations

Your subscribers are going to click a link, so they’ll expect it to go somewhere! Use this as an opportunity to either add value to their experience or strengthen your know/like/trust.

Note down the links, matched up with your segment questions.

Step 3: Create the automations

Jump into Convertkit and follow these steps. You’re setting up a rule that says when a subscriber clicks this link, add this tag. Later, you can send emails just to subscribers with that tag.

a) Click Automations on the top tab

b) Click ‘Add Rule’

automatic segment in convertkit example

c) Click ‘Clicks a link’

automatic segment in convertkit create rule link trigger

d) Give your first segment a name. Make it meaningful

e) Enter the URL the link will go toautomatic segment in convertkit create rule link trigger

f) On the Action side of the panel, click ‘Add tag’

automatic segment in convertkit create rule link trigger

g) Click ‘Create a new tag’automatic segment in convertkit create rule link trigger

h) Give it a meaningful name

i) Save the rule

automatic segment in convertkit create rule link trigger

k) Repeat this process for all 3 of your segmenting links.

Step 4: Load up your self-segmenting email

a)Jump into the sequences tab and all the way into the email you want to put the links in

automatic segment in convertkit create rule link trigger

b) Highlight the text you want to link

c) Click to  ‘Insert a  link’

automatic segment in convertkit create rule link trigger

d) Click ‘Link Triggers’

e) Select the link you just created in Automations

f) Click ‘Insert’

automatic segment in convertkit create rule link trigger


g) Repeat this process for all 3 of your segmenting links


Every subscriber who opens that email and clicks that link will now be tagged and sorted accordingly.

What’s next?

You can either leave them as tags and email subscribers based on that, or you can create a proper segment with them.

Tags are good for the nitty gritty, segments are good for combining a lot of tagged groups together.

You’ll find segments over on the Subscribers tab. Here’s one I created earlier.

automatic segment in convertkit create rule link trigger

automatic segment in convertkit create rule link trigger


You’ve just set up pro-level segmenting that will make your list much more valuable, and sales that much easier to get. Hit send and get those subscribers tagging!

Want to give Convertkit a try? Click here. There’s a reason it’s so popular!