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Get your subscribers addicted to you from day 1: Free welcome scripts

Hello! I’m Shell

I’m on a mission to bring back the authenticity, honesty and personality to online marketing. This is an ick-free zone, where women in business get to fully embrace the freedom of being their own boss and learn how to sell out, know...selling out in a creepy way involving a comb-over and steak knives.  Through working with me, my clients step away from hustle-hell and let their message, voice and stories drive their revenue firmly upwards, loving every minute and every sale.

You're ready to:

Sign clients

You’ve worked hard to build a great service-based business but the thought of hopping on another call and being told ‘I can’t afford it’ has you reaching for a BIG glass of wine? Step back from the endless hustle and let your funnel qualify, nurture and actively sell your services for you.

Sell digital products & events

Whether you’re launching a course, selling an ebook or running a workshop, you’ll be dancing to the sound of sales – combine your list (or build as you go), with the perfect subscriber experience funnel and let your products & events take centre stage.

Skyrocket your success

Go hands off with the right funnel automation and claw back hours from your week. Subscribers turn into buyers & clients as your funnel builds know/like/trust using your voice, your messaging, and your values – all on autopilot.


I DOUBLED my open rates

I quickly DOUBLED my open rates and can always count on tons of click-throughs! Email used to feel so hard, I put it off for so long, but now it's a major strength in my business.

Kristin Bornstein , The Brazen Adventuress
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Get your subscribers addicted to you from day 1: Free welcome scripts